me SEISMOLOGIST at Freie Universität Berlin Applied and Earthquake Seismology Geophysics Section Institut of Geological Sciences E-mail: jonas.folesky[at] ORCID: 0000-0002-7729-9624

RESEARCH INTERESTS My scientific research is primarily focused on understanding earthquake source processes. Specifically, I apply techniques to analyze source parameters such as source size, rupture velocity, directvity, complexity or stress drop. LATEST NEWS May 2024 A new paper has been published in Scientific Reports: Different earthquake nucleation conditions revealed by stress drop and b-value mapping in the northern Chilean subduction zone. See my publications. March 2024 My DFG Project - Slip heterogeneity of a subduction zone from detailed repeating earthquake analysis. A 15–year–long story from northern Chile. - starts. It is supposed to run until February 2027. A description can be found by clicking the link. (link) January 2024 My DFG Project - Inferring heterogeneity of fault properties and stress state of a megathrust fault from dynamic stress drop variations: A feasibility study in the northern Chilean subduction zone. - is ending. I will start a new project in March24. (link) January 2024 Our paper on stress drop mapping in northern Chile has been published in JGR. See my publications.